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Plant Food Lovers Tours and Classes

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Merida Plant Food Lovers

Market Tour

Join Erin for an in-depth exploration of indigenous fruits, vegetables and other plants of Yucatan, starting with the pre-Hispanic diet and moving through history as traditional plant foods and preparations continue to shape the local diet. Your tour begins in colorful Parque San Juan and weaves through the central Lucas de Galvez market with plenty of stops for food and drink and chats with vendors along the way. This tour focuses on the local plant foods, therefore it happens to be 100% vegan. 


2.5 hour walking tour


Tour available weekdays 10am

and by appointment


Merida Plant Food Lovers

Market to Table

Go beyond simply tasting the indigenous plant foods of the Yucatan region and learn to make simple fruit and vegetable preparations you can recreate at home. Your class includes the complete plant-tastic experience of tasting and learning at the central market, plus an additional 90 minutes creating delicious Yucatan-inspired dishes, fusing our own style with Yucatán traditions. Learn both traditional preparations as well as ways you can integrate the ingredients

into your own diet.

1.5 hour walking tour and market shopping

+ 3 hour cooking instruction


Tour + class offered weekday AM

by appointment

Todos tortillando! A delicious class tod

The Tortilla and the Mayan Milpa

featuring Laura of Manos en la Masa

Learn to make corn tortillas entirely from scratch, from nixtamal to comal, as Laura and Erin guide you in Spanish, English and Maya. We will also use our fresh masa to make polcanes filled with fresh local beans and chives and toast squash seeds to grind and mix into Sikil Pak. As we cook, you will learn about the importance of maiz to Mexican culture and how the Mayan food traditions continue to shape modern day life in Yucatan. Most importantly, you will learn that cooking Mexican plant foods from scratch is simple and delicious. After this class, you will be able to do so yourself in your own kitchen. 

3 hour class and lunch


Class offered Thursdays 10am

and by appointment

Looking for a Plant Based Private Chef?

We provide private chef services for small lunch and dinner parties, highlighting local and seasonal Yucatecan produce. Click the button for more info! 

Makalito Frito with Zapote Negro Catsup.
Another day, another zapote...mamey zapo

winter classes!
Cooking with Yucatan Plant Foods

In each class we focus on 3 Yucatan plant foods, like chaya, platano macho, yuca, chayote, mamey and more

Using the day's ingredients, we work together to create a 6 course lunch to learn the versatility of these 3 and other local plants foods

my goal is to teach you techniques and skills you can use to cook unfamiliar foods on your own

Classes are on alternating Fridays and Saturdays  from 10-2 at Casa Misterio. Cost is $950mxn per class. A selection of class recipes included.

Dates available:

 Saturday 24 Sept

Friday 14 Oct

Saturday 12 Nov

Friday 16 Dec

Friday 6 Jan

Saturday 18 Feb

Friday 17 Mar

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