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about our casa and family

Hola! I’m Erin and I am so glad you are here! Casa Misterio is the home I share with my husband Manny and our two young children. It is also a guest house and a meeting place for cooking and sharing food, and for setting off on culinary adventures; this house is how we make our living. Manny and I lived 3000 miles apart for four years while we built Casa Misterio from a colonial fixer-upper into the art-filled urban oasis it is today, one brick at a time on two food service salaries. Building Casa Misterio required so much sacrifice that now that we are in it, together, the house is a symbol of how far we have come and how hard we worked to get here. The house is everything.


Manny and I met and fell in love while working together in a restaurant kitchen in Oakland, California. Here in Manny’s hometown of Merida, we live in a way that is distinctly bi-cultural, raising our kids to be bilingual and honoring the way I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, while also embracing the way locals do things. Manny’s family has welcomed me and taught me how to be “casi-Yucateca,” and I share my culture and language with all of them. This confluence of cultures extends to our relaxed hosting style and to how I lead market tours and share meals that celebrate the local ingredients and cuisine from a California foodie point of view.


We feel so lucky to have this home to share with you, in this incredible city, with its vast food culture that speaks to our passion. Many of the guests we have hosted have become our friends (some even our neighbors).

This is a life we couldn’t have imagined for ourselves, but one that also somehow seems inevitable.

We love what we do here at Casa Misterio, and we love that it is our life.

Come to stay, explore the market or share a meal with us. We think you will love it too!

what our guests are saying

We absolutely loved our stay in Erin and Manny's beautiful home. It is a lush little paradise. Our room and veranda overlooking the pool was so lovely with Erin's wonderful artwork gracing the walls. Breakfast was wholesome, the pool super clean and their 2 children..divine 

Look no further if you're visiting Merida ..Erin & Manny's place is perfect!!

Jodee, balcony room guest

Casa Misterio Co-Owner and Merida native Manny
Caa Misterio Co-Owner and chef Erin



sparkling, secluded and spacious pool
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